Martin Hofmann Memorial Meeting

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Institute of Informatics
LMU Munich
Saturday, 13 July 2019

General Information

We adhere to the general privacy policy of LMU, where contact information, general information, and the user's rights can be found.

For specific questions about please contact the local workshop organisers or The rest of this page lists specific details of data processing on this site.

Protocols and Preparation of Logfiles

Due to occurring security-related events, e.g. attempted hacking attacks, relevant access data will be saved for every access on webpages.

Depending on the used access protocol, the protocol data set contains data with the following content:

  • IP address for the inquiring computer
  • Date and time of the inquiry
  • Access method/function requested by the inquiring computer
  • Input values (file name etc.) transmitted by the inquiring computer.
  • Access status of the web server (data file transmitted, data file not found, command not executed, etc.).
  • Name of the requested data file
  • URL from which the file was requested/the desired function was initiated
  • Information on browser type
  • The user's operating system
  • Internet pages from which the user's system accessed the LMU internet page
  • Internet pages that are called from the LMU internet pages

Purpose of the protocol

The saved data are used for purposes of identification and tracking of allowed access and of impermissible access attempts, for maintenance of the internet page functionality on the internet server, and - in anonymised form - for optimizing of the internet offering. Temporary saving of the IP address is also necessary in order to enable delivery of the LMU internet page to your computer. For this purpose the user's IP address must remain stored for the duration of the session. This data is not stored by the LMU together with other personal data.

Retention period

The recorded data are saved for a maximum of fourteen days and then deleted. A longer retention period may occur in an individual case, provided a violation related to security was discovered. Irrespective thereof, retention for an even longer period is possible. In such a case, your IP address will be deleted or scrambled so that an allocation to the calling client is no longer possible.

Evaluation of the log is performed by an authorized employee of the research unit (Theoretical Computer Science, Oettingengstr. 67, 80538 München, E-Mail: while observing the provisions of data protection law.

If the data is urgently required for maintenance of the internet page and the saving of the data in logfiles is required for operation of the internet page, then you will not be entitled to a right of objection.

Registration Form

If you use the registration form, the entered data is saved for the purposes of organising the workshop. The data is stored at LMU and is used by the workshop organisers only for the purposes of workshop organisation. It will be stored only as long as this is required for accounting purposes.